As a good Catholic girl, I have a confession to make. I voted for Donald Trump. I’ll pause for all the gag noises. I know, I know. All the things you’re thinking…I know. I have to say right up front that this is very difficult for me to write. I am the very least confrontational person on the planet (like when I return something to Target, I’m afraid the customer service worker is going to be mad at me and I get nervous). I’ve thought a lot about whether or not to write this because I sort of fear the negative commentary. I am very sensitive to harsh, negative criticism. But you know what? I’m pretty mad-sad, so I’m not going to hide. I go out of my way to be kind and respectful with my words when it comes to sensitive matters; politics being THE most sensitive of matters. So I ask that you are also kind and respectful with your words if any of what I say here gets your goat.

I went the entire election cycle without publicly saying a word (well except for that Vanilla Ice meme. That shit was funny. We all could have used the laugh). These last several months of social media campaigning have been bad for my heart. Generally, I don’t believe social media is the right platform for politics. I prefer cute cuddly otters, remember #betheotters? I find that people make their minds up for themselves and no matter how many memes or articles you display, it only creates animosity and divisiveness and is not productive in changing anyone’s vote. So in that vein I find it a little self indulgent. But this post-election vote-shaming is absolutely reprehensible and I will not stand by and let people make a mockery of me. It is insulting and offensive and should not be tolerated. Because, after all, isn’t one of the reasons that the anti-Trumpsters ARE anti-Trumpsters in the first place because they think he is intolerant of certain folks? Do you see the irony here people?

So back to my vote for Donald Trump. I am white. I am a woman. I am a college graduate. I am upper middle class. I am a devout Catholic. I am a conservative. But here’s what I am NOT: I am not a racist. I am not a homophobe. I am not a xenophobe. I am not a sexist. I am not a deplorable human being. You know what else I am not? STUPID. Being a conservative white lady doesn’t make me a moron just because that’s not what the cool kids are into. Politically conservative does not equal unabashed hatred. I am highly insulted that the media is “blaming” me and and all the other conservative white chicks for getting Trump elected. I am also highly insulted that the media, and even some of my more liberal leaning peers and relatives, are insinuating that I am a racist homophobe because I voted for Trump. Hello? Anyone in there?? That vote doesn’t mean that I am Donald Trump, ya’ll. If you know me personally, you know that I am not a racist, sexist, homophobe or xenophobe as he is accused of being. Casting my vote for Trump does not change that about me. Much the same way that casting my vote for Trump doesn’t make my hair cotton candy-ish,  my skin a puzzling orange creamsicle shade and my hands tiny like a baby. I am a flawed person just like everyone else. But I’m not hateful. Therefore, I do not deserve to be lumped in with those kind of people (and I do not deny that they exist). Newsflash: there did not exist a fairy with a magic wand at the polls who sprinkled hate glitter onto people when they voted for Trump. I am not the stereotypical IDEA of whom you think it is who voted for Trump; I am an actual PERSON with thoughts and feelings and opinions of my own. I wasn’t hateful when I walked in, and I wasn’t hateful when I walked out.

I don’t owe anyone an explanation for why I voted for Donald Trump. It was my constitutional right to do so and I shouldn’t be shamed for it. Because, freedom, love and acceptance and all that jazz, right? But I will say this: Hillary Clinton and I have some fundamental differences in values. THAT is why I didn’t vote for her. Does that mean I am a puppet of Donald Trump and stand for every word that he uttered? The answer to that would be a very loud and high pitched NO. That is all I really care to say about that. But I am highly offended by the implication that because I am a white woman I should be ashamed that I didn’t vote for the white woman just because I share her gender and race. Do you know what that is, my friends? SEXIST AND RACIST. Stop and think about that. Doesn’t that strike you as, I don’t know, just a smidge hypocritical being that so many of these vote-shamers spew their hatred for Donald Trump because they believe him to be a racist and a sexist? This level of hypocrisy is mind boggling. Mind boggling, I say.

So let’s meander back to freedom, love and acceptance. Lean in close and hear me loud and clear: ACCEPTANCE AND LOVE ARE A TWO WAY STREET. We must not forget that. If you demand acceptance and love, you MUST, in turn, accept and love. Because, as I tell my elementary aged children: Jesus commanded very simply that we shall love our neighbor. Well…loving your lovable neighbor, the one you like, the one with whom you laugh, the one with whom you share fundamental beliefs is easy, breezy, lemon-squeezy. But loving your unloving neighbor, the one with whom you disagree, the one with whom you argue, the one you with whom you wouldn’t be caught dead having a beer is freaking HARD, man. THAT is when you know you are doing it right. THAT is when it counts the most. But guys, here’s the kicker: it goes for BOTH sides. We must be kind to one another. It really is that simple. I often remind my children (and shouldn’t have to remind adults) that when people are unkind to you, you should be extra kind to them. They might really be in need of kindness themselves but don’t know how to ask for it. It is hypocritical to preach “love trumps hate” while at the same time harboring a vicious contempt for our president elect and those who voted him into office. It is curious to me that “love trumps hate” is being used as a slogan by a movement that kinda hates our newly elected president. The bottom line is that you don’t get to pick and choose to love and accept only when it falls in line with your agenda. That sort of defeats the acceptance part. Love will only trump hate if we ALL participate. Capisce?

So, in closing, he won people. He won fair and square whether you like it or not. If you are an American citizen, he IS your president. No amount of hashags or tweets can change the constitution so you’re wasting your thumb strength. Redirect your energy to being the change you want to see in this country. I am a patriot. I love my country. I value the gift of freedom and the chance to have my voice heard. But my voice does not deserve to be shamed. That, my friends, is just plain un-American.

*Please remember: You can voice your disagreement with me all day long (though I’m unlikely to engage in a public debate), but be kind or be quiet. Thank you.





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    1. I come from a completely different part of the world but living in a western democracy, like everyone else I followed the electoral process in the USA, the USA being one of the most powerful nations in the world and what happens there may (or rather does) affect the rest of the world. When I heard the news of Trump’s success I was initially saddened, shocked, surprised and joined a great majority of people whose belief that Americans are stupid was finally confirmed. But then thinking about what had happened I realised that this was a message American voters wanted to give to their politicians. In the western world a good majority of people are dissatisfied with their politicians and the average american voter may have thought “Hey Mr/Ms Politician I have had enough of your mismanagement of our country, your corrupt ways, your treatment of us common mortals.”
      However and this is a big however – you say you are a good Catholic girl with good and sound christian values. So in spite of I what I said before this would have been a big issue for me to vote for a man such as Trump. As a believer in christian values myself I could never come to terms with Mr Trump’s beliefs. How could a Christian endorse Mr Trump’s beliefs when they are diametrically opposed to Christianity and human compassion? I hate all that Mr Trump stands for and his beliefs and life style. He is (and I am not being hateful but factual here) a mysogenist, sexist, racist, classist, corrupt besides being superficial, stupid, insensitive oblivious of what the common people struggle with. How can a Christian endorse such a person? For me that is a huge quandary.

    2. Yes! Thank you! I agree 100%. Couldn’t have said it better. It goes both ways. Be kind and you will receive kindness in turn. Blessings to you and your family!

  1. Amen! Thank you writing this! I can identify with everything you’ve said and appreciate how you’ve been able to put my feelings into words. You go, girl!! Bless you!

  2. You absolutely mirror my life and experience during this election season! Thank you for so eloquently sharing your feelings! A friend and Christian, white woman and I want to bust out of this secret society but we think we need a support group to do so!!

  3. Wow!! Well said!! You and I must be 2 peas in a pod, because, I like you, can’t handle any kind of confrontation/conflict. I have always been the peacekeeper amongst my family and friends. Even the thought of posting something even the slightest bit controversial sends me into fits of shaking and near hysterics!! But I am reaching that point where I can’t tolerate being called names, anymore, as well!! Thank you for standing up and being heard!! Everything you said expressed exactly what I have been thinking/feeling! Thank you!!

  4. Thank you, thank you!! I’m a Southern Baptist and I totally agree! I never said a word on social media because, well, it’s not anybody’s business. I was unfriended by a cousin just because she ASSUMED I felt like Donald Trump. I don’t, but I did vote for him. I won’t comment on Facebook, but I wanted to tell you that you are NOT the only one that feels this way. Thank you!

  5. Thank you for putting these thoughts into words. I have had similar thoughts since Wednesday morning but have not been able (or possibly willing?) to put it out there in writing. Wishing you & your family love & peace. God Bless America

  6. You can vote for who you wish and you may not be all those things …but your vote supported all those things- racism, xenophobia, etc…cry all you want. The white lash is happening against anyone who isn’t white. You just won’t have to feel it walking around in your white skin. You can live with the consequences. At the very least, ask that Christian side of you to pray for those of us that are feeling the hate.

    1. Patty on November 10. Focusing on ‘white’ skin is racism. I know what it is like to be threaten, bullied because of skin color. It goes both ways. I personally choose to accept people as human and avoid the whole ‘tribalism’ debate. We all belong to the human race. Labels separate people. It is how wars start.
      So, as a Jill Stein supporter, I found BOTH major candidates difficult. But people in the US are allowed to vote for who ever they want. If you are mad that Trump is the next president, direct your energies towards getting a better candidate to run against him in four years. That candidate could be you! Or help others in need to release your anger. If all the energy that people are expending on hating Trump and protesting the election, was spent on feeding the hungry and helping those less fortunate than ourselves, no one would be hungry and everyone would be happier.
      Buck up, the four years will go faster than you think and life will go on.

    2. Hate begets hate. Anger is much better directed toward humanitarian efforts like helping others that are in need or hungry. Sarcasm is not kind and it is racist to judge people by their skin color even if they are white, Patty on November 10. In four years we most likely have a woman president. Someone like Jill Stien or Elizabeth Warren. So buck-up and enough your life and love your beautiful humanness. And love your beautiful skin!

    3. I am so very sorry Patty that you are “feeling the hate”. I can’t even begin to imagine what that would feel like and how scary that must be in our extremely volatile world. Can I also ask you to pray for people like me, a conservative Christian who is becoming more and more of a minority in our culture? I too am “feeling the hate” I have been called many names recently- just last week by my very “loving” “liberal” father who ironically was telling me I needed to love my neighbor as myself. It sounds as though you can’t “hide” from the hate because of the color of your skin, nor should you have to. But I too am having to “hide” my real self more and more because of the hate that is being directed towards people like me from those preaching “all you need is love.” By the way, my sons are both African American and I have been grieving for them, having to grow up in such a time like this. Thank you for considering my request to pray for people like me who are in the minority too.

      1. Christians are NOT a minority! Stop acting all hurt because people don’t want to follow your religion. Perhaps if you respected others beliefs, you would actually be following your religion.

    4. Well said Patty…some people will never get it. And Suzy Homemaker, please share which of those displayed qualities of Trump you wish your children to emulate as he is now their role model. Good luck with that.

      1. We are all flawed.There are none of us perfect. And just because our sins don’t look the same it does not make any one of us more or less than the other. That’s the lesson you teach your children. And its hard in this judgmental world we live in to teach and live that principle. But doing the hard work is so very important.
        We are quick to point out downfalls and reluctant to give praise.The reality is that it should be the other way around.
        Donald Trump gave refuge to Jennifer Hudson and her family after her mother, brother and nephew were killed in Chicago – he extended charity
        Donald Trump lent his plane so a very sick 3 year old boy could fly from LA to NY for medical help – he showed grace
        Donald Trump saved a GA woman’s farm from foreclosure after her husband committed suicide – he “loved thy neighbor”

    5. OK Patty, here’s the thing. Stop blaming everything that happens to you on your skin colour. Stop being a racist yourself, because that is exactly what a racist does, looks at everything through skin color. At the moment, there is a lot of racism and hatred towards whites from blacks often coming from BLM. Therefore, we do know what it feels like. We also know what it feels like to lose out on a job because the company has a policy to put a non white in, however unqualified they may be. That is racism. There are many poor whites. There is no such thing as “white privilege” except in your imagination. Stop moaning and groaning about your poor self.

      Have a look at Dr Ben Carson, who just about everybody who voted for Trump, absolutely loves. So how do you equate that eh? Donald Trump is the least racist person around. He goes back decades working with, and employing black women, and also in sport, receiving awards from blacks. He is also not a xenophobe. He (and we), want controlled immigration. We want people who come here to love the country, and not be threatening everyone else, as does islam. You, on the other hand, throw around insults freely towards everyone else. You think it is ok to denigrate Donald Trump. Well it’s not. Here’s news for you. It is not going to work any more.

      1. Wait. Trump refused to rent apartments to black people and was taken to court over it twice. He said a judge was unable to do his job because he is mexican. He said Mexico sends us their criminals and rapists. These are not the words and actions of ” the least racist person”.

    6. I’ll pray for you, but you should try professional therapy. If you continue in that thinking, you and the rest of the “left” will continue to lose national elections.

    7. Well said, Patty. There are many of us who are Christians who WILL stand up to the violence now being perpetrated on people of color, people of differing religions, and the handicapped. Donald Trump’s election is a call to action to those Christians who actually “walk the walk.”

    8. Have you seen the videos of white people being viciously attacked in the streets for no reason? Of course you haven’t:) Only white people are racist, xenophobic and mean, right? Yes of course! We don’t want to be allowed to just go to work, support our families, and live in peace. No sir! Golly that would hurt your narrative and we can’t have that. We spend all day laughing at videos of those mean police being mean to black people, and counting our money!
      Get over yourselves.

  7. Actually, he DIDN’T win fair and square. Hillary won the popular vote, but because of all the gerrymandering from Republicans over the years, Frump got the Electoral votes. If the Districts were simply equal geographic areas like they were intended, Hillary would have won.

    1. Please Carol, Gerrymandering does not affect the Electoral college vote.. The electoral college was created so every state mattered not just large population areas. It was created so all voices would be heard.. If they hadn’t created the electoral college, blacks and women wouldn’t be voting today because majority rule back 50 -100 years ago would have never allowed it.. Gerrymandering helps with local and Congressional elections Only..

    2. Just stop right now. For the last couple months the left praised the electoral college. The left defended the electoral college as they touted in many instances that Hillary would win electoral votes but not the popular.

      You are simply wrong about the gerrymandering because the media is lying…again. There are two congressional races in the last two elections that actually benefited Democrats. Alan Grayson got his seat back and Allen West lost his (different FL districts.) Democrats love gerrymandering, because it benefits them and the Democrats use it while blaming Republicans. Considering Dems picked up 6 house seats, your argument seriously falls flat. If GM’ing benefited R’s, those seats would not have picked up 6 seats in the house by D’s.

      The fact is we are NOT a Democracy. We have never been a Democracy. We are a Republic. We don’t vote for President by popular vote. We never have. It was fair and square. The electoral college was designed so each state was represented fairly without being drowned out by just a handful of largely populated states.

      Democracy: Two wolves and a chicken deciding what’s for dinner.

    3. Umm last time I checked he won your opinion aside. There is a reason the founding fathers created the electoral college. Try learning a bit rather than spouting what the media says.

    4. they have only speculated she has won the popular vote….. but if they really want to push it
      they will probably find a lot of illegals and dead people with those votes and that would not
      look good.

  8. I am also a conservative white woman, educated with an advanced degree, and voted for Trump. I agree 1000%, if Hillary aligned with my values, she would have had my vote. She stands for everything I don’t.

    But the thing that is most making my heart sick are these Hollywood ‘celebrities’ who are bullying and shaming conservative voters, calling us names, and end-of-the-world fear mongering. It’s making me absolutely furious, and beyond my never watching TV again, ever seeing another movie or going on the internet, I don’t know how to make it stop. And I REALLY wish it would stop.

  9. I came across this post because it was shared by others. You have expressed eloquently, and with much kindness, my exact feelings. Thank you very much for sharing!!

  10. I appreciate you writing this because I am a Clinton supporter who has surrounded herself with Clinton supporters and I have been curious about people like you. One of things I want to do after this election is broaden my circle and meet more people like you. I tend to be passionate about my beliefs so it is really hard for me to understand how someone could not share my same values. I guess we all have that problem. Just a couple of points I’d like to make. People are upset because Donald trump said racist, sexist, violence promoting things during the campaign. He conducted cyber bullying. These are the facts. You have seen these moments on the news as much as I have. I am assuming people who voted for him either support this behavior or looked the other way but either way the message our country gave to our children and the world is you can act like that and say those things and you will be rewarded by becoming the president of the US. For 50% of the country this message is terrifying and we are worried about people who we know who already being told to”go back to where you came from” and what is going to happen when trump takes office. I wish this was just a case of being a sore loser but it goes way deeper than that. What would help is if more trump voters would publicly disavow his racist and sexist and hate creating rhetoric so those of us that are scared knew that this election did not mean this country is ok with that. Liberals accept our new president but we do not condone his racist sexist rhetoric and we want him, trump supporters, the world, and most importantly our children to know it. We want a country that lives up to its ideals and a president that will support EVERYONE in their endeavor to achieve the American dream.

    1. Kim– Trump “said” things —- I did not like some of them.
      Hillary has always been a crook. Those of us who are older remember the greed and arrogance that she showed as First Lady– ( and I was a Democrat until her husband abused Monica). I watched my neices say to their mother that it was ok to do certain things because the President said so! I would never vote for this woman after I gave money to the Haitian Fund and it was used for their greed and Chelsea’s wedding. The list is endless. My husband was civilian military, he would be in jail if he had done 1/10 of what she did with her emails. Put your effort into electing a DECENT woman and stop this nonsense.

    2. See, you really didn’t listen to what she said, did you? She is not Trump. You are not Hillary. Stop listing all the bad things about Trump, because they do not defy her.

  11. Thank you for sharing this. I especially appreciate the description of your feelings as “mad-sad.” I am on the opposite pole of the political spectrum from you, but somehow I felt exactly the same way.

    You’re post helped me realize something and, if you don’t mind, I’d like to share.

    I was terrified when I went to work on Wednesday. In an office where people spend considerably too much time talking about their weekends and last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, I was certain the place would be abuzz with election commentary. I live in a region of the county that was entirely red on Tuesday night, but my ticket was blue through and through. So, I was scared. I was scared of pressure to discuss—and ultimately defend—my own choices and I was scared of the harsh judgement and criticism of my peers.

    To my utter surprise, no one breathed a word about the events of the previous night. Only one person, a vendor representative and an outsider, even tried to raise the subject with absolutely no success. No one even shut down the attempts at all, they just didn’t participate and the comments whisped away unacknowledged.

    Only now, after reading your post, does it occur to me that perhaps everyone was just as scared as I was. Regardless of what side you’re on, whether you feel like you won or lost, this election season was so divisive that few even feel safe talking about it. When we are divided, we can’t have trust, we can’t feel safe, and friends start looking at each other with sideways glances. We can only heal by coming together, so thank you.

  12. Thank you for writing this. You perfectly articulated everything I am feeling as a white, educated, Christian, female Trump-supporter.

  13. Thank you so much for this. It describes how I’ve been feeling since the election. My college-aged daughter got shot down for voicing her conservative opinion today on FB, and the person who did so tattled on her to me. I think I dealt with that person respectfully yet firmly, but my daughter decided to delete her post anyway. There was nothing wrong with her post. I talked to her and my class today which consists of mostly girls about being confident about voicing opinions. They shouldn’t be shamed for thinking and speaking up about it. Bullying isn’t always loud. Sometimes it is passive and says, ‘Christian girls should be nice and not speak up.’ My ‘friend’ is proud of his non-sexist ways, but today what he did was very sexist. And I am not okay with that. I am a conservative feminist. We do exist, and I need to be a more vocal example for those who will follow. Again, thanks for your empowering words.

  14. No, you do not owe anyone an explanation for why you voted as you did. But, respectfully, as one who did not vote for Mr. Trump, it would be helpful for me to understand what your primary motivation was. Your values and my values seem so similar (as are our “demographics”). My fear is that they are not at all Donald Trump’s values as exhibited by his behavior, not by his promises. Thank you for your consideration and with my sincere best wishes.

  15. I think you misunderstand. Obviously, people are individuals and the only ones who represent them are themselves. You speak of values such as freedom, love, and acceptance. You ask that people be kind and respectful. You go on about how incredibly sensitive you are. (Good for you! The world needs kind people.) You are obviously upset that some friends & relatives blame you for getting Donald Trump elected. Hopefully you can see some of your own hypocrisy here in that you had a hand in helping to support and promote someone who spewed hateful, sexist, etc. rhetoric and demoralized certain groups of American citizens. This is an individual who campaigned on division, not unity. Your vote was a vote that supports what he stands for, and so although YOU may not be a hateful person, you have elected somebody whose platform openly promoted it. The love, freedom, acceptance, kindness, sensitivity, and respect you so deeply value and implore others to exemplify are not what you voted to preserve. “Do you see the irony here?” I agree you are not a stupid person, but your choice is certainly debatable.

  16. While I agree with most of what you said. I do not lump all Donald Trumps supporters into one category as an African American I have endured 8 years of disrespect for President Obama from many that surprised me. I only asked that you consider that when you put your kids to bed at night you teach them the rule that you treat others as you want to be treated and when we put our kids to bed especially the black males we have to help them understand that the rules are different because of the color of their skin. We have to help our children understand that SOME people judge them based on the color of their skin not the content of their character. Unfortunately the rules of the game are play to win in America but we should all pause and understands the words that we choose matter. I am not naive enough to believe that there are not racist Democrats and Independents. However it is a difficult pill to swallow when the President Elect leader of the free world would use language like “President Obama is the most ignorant President of our century” or that it’s okay to grab us in our junk while we repudiate President Clinton for his deplorable behavior when he was President of our country. It seems as though we have forgotten our American history that we were the IMMIGRANTS that stole this land from the Native Indians and now we want to keep Immigrants out. Are we afraid that they will do to us what was done to the Native Indians. So my wish is that we all pray for one another and examine our own unconscious bias and ask God to be three moves ahead in helping us work through the sleeping giant that has been awakened. If we do not get a grip ISIS will win because we will experience a US ARAB Spring. Moreover, have we forgot that the reason President Obama won was because we thirsted as a nation for CHANGE. YET BOTH A MAJORITY DEMOCRATIC HOUSE AND REPUBLICAN HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND MAJORITY SENATE set out to make him a one time President and thank God the WILL of the people overruled that desire. Those desires have set us back 8 years as a nation. Now we have young people not old people protesting in the streets of our nation about the hatred that has risen up in our nation. Have we forgotten that President Obama led us through a recession that could have devastated our nation, the Ledbetter ACT was for all women, thousands of our troops are home now, the people that complain about the trade agreements were against the bailout of our auto industry and that saved the jobs that we do have left in Michigan and Ohio. So while I did not vote for Donald Trump I do not wish the obstructionist energy upon him that was thrust upon President Obama. The SWAMP that TRUMP wants to drain are the same people that obstructed President Obama for the last 6 years, so lets see if he can accomplish the WILL of the people.

  17. I am one who was terribly sad about the results of the election because of what it said to me about human decency. I am still struggling and in pain and trying to understand. Things like this help. You all should post on facebook and share with people you know that you abhor the things Trump said that were xenophobic and misogynistic and renounce any implications of racism. Keep the accusations of irony out, they are true but won’t help. There are lots of silent ones on the other side who are feeling just as bad as you are. Just advocate for eliminating all hate and divisiveness. I know many of you said you are averse to conflict, but please don’t look as it as conflict, look at it as promoting understanding and tolerance and assuaging people’s worst fears (which are that all Trump supporters believe and support the horrible thungs he said). Too few are renouncing the things he said and too many are gloating or merely pointing to the irony. Please, don’t be secret. You hurt everyone by being secret and passive on this topic. Be vocal and denounce these things that are making the other half of the country so very sad and afraid. People would not be this upset if it was just about “regular” politics. It is about the hatefulness of his campaign and what I truly hope are merely a loud few of his supporters. I want his supporters who don’t believe those things to be louder. It will help restore my faith in this country and get rid of this knot in my stomach that has been here since Tuesday night.

    1. Thank you! Exactly. I understand and respect people for voting the way they did, but I need to hear more from the Trump side (I’m certain most of them are decent people and not “deplorable”) speaking out against the hate instead of justifying their vote.

  18. You don’t say why you voted for him and I don’t mention that as an accusation or a criticism. I just don’t understand. I want to. I too am a Catholic middle aged white mom in a very comfortable life. I’ve been a conservative Republican my whole life.

    I’d be happy to tell anyone why. But I couldn’t bring myself to help place an ill informed, inarticulate vulgarian in the most symbolically important office in the land and Pence with him. Did you know, before you stated you are not homophobic, that Pence voted to allocate public funds for conversion therapy for gay teens? Imagine if you are a gay teen today.

    If people are hurt and angry, it’s because you don’t get to say you voted for Trump, helped make him my president, and take no responsibility for the ugliness that comes with him and his most extreme and hateful supporters and rhetoric.

    My teen daughter is inconsolable. Genuinely scared and overwhelmed by the license given to hatred of Jews, of Muslims, of gays, of undocumented immigrants. Do you know that a Jewish high schooler had a swastika superimposed on his picture by a classmate in a high school in Central Florida yesterday with the words “sometimes we win?”

    You aren’t responsible for that. But do you see the connection between Trump’s election and whatever made that kid think it was OK now to do that?

    Whatever reason you have, I hope it can stand up in, your own heart, alongside the very real fear and pain it has brought to good, decent and very vulnerable people.

    I just can’t understand. I just can’t.


  19. I am white. I am a woman. I am a college graduate. I have an advanced degree. I am a lawyer. I am a mother. I am upper middle class. I am a devout Catholic. I am a conservative. I love people, even those who hate me for whatever reason. I am also not a racist. I am not a homophobe. I am not a xenophobe. Nor am I stupid. I am not filled with hate. I do not hold grudges. I forgive easily, because that’s what Christ calls us to do. I voted for Trump. And I will not publicly share that fact, because it is not safe. As a Catholic, I could not vote for Hillary. Regardless, her hubris, the hubris of the DNC and the Democratic Party, the popular thought that she “deserved” the highest office in the land was offensive to me. Being the President is not a reward. It’s a calling. D.C. has been out of touch with the American people for too long. The American voters dropped a bomb into the Executive Branch and stacked the Legislative Branch. Washington Politics and its politicos need to wake up. Instead, they are crying and avoiding and defriending and condemning. I fear for my country, and NOT because Trump was elected, but because of the reactions of the supposed grown ups who can only disagree when their party is in power.

  20. That was a great explanation and I applaud you for stepping into the light and voicing yourself and making the proclamation of your vote and why… it was worth reading and seeing things from another person’s perspective…I been called all kinds of names and slurs for my convictions and beliefs… I have defended them and the man for certain things I felt the need to do so… I was in awe at your writings because few have been outspoken when it comes to him… thank you for sharing it and keep the faith I believe God sent this man to save us and give us time before he returns… we have suffered long enough and prosperity shall come to us so we may thrive once again…

  21. So you didn’t vote for Hillary because of fundamental differences in values. Thus, all of your values fundamentally align with Trump, to the effect that you voted him into public office. Thus, you are, in fact, a racist sexist xenophobic homophobe.

    Alternatively, your values of saving unborn clumps of cells/fetuses/unwanted babies (I can only assume, being a “good Catholic girl,” that you are speaking to the values of abortion/female reproductive rights), are more IMPORTANT values than racial/gender/sexuality/religious equality – also known as human civil liberties.

    Love your neighbor as yourself. As a good Catholic girl, I implore you to listen to this part of your beloved bible. Does Trump set an example of loving your neighbor? In voting for him, do you?

  22. You say that you are not racist…. but he is. You voted for him which means you endorsed that side of him. That side of him is going to ruin millions of peoples lives. You may not be racist, but you have shown that you care not for what happens to your fellow Americans who are only arbitrarily different from you. You have put yourself above the nation and those millions will suffer because of what you have done. You are not Christian, and you will go to hell.

    1. Paul, so you think you can take Gods place and send this woman to hell? Good luck with that!!!
      Your logic is flawed, If you really want to know what God thinks read the whole bible and then give your us you all knowing wisdom.

  23. You say that you are not racist…. but he is. You voted for him which means you endorsed that side of him. That side of him is going to ruin millions of peoples lives. You may not be racist, but you have shown that you care not for what happens to your fellow Americans who are only arbitrarily different from you. You have put yourself above the nation and those millions will suffer because of what you have done. You are not Christian, and you will go to hell.

  24. I agree with you, ma’am. And it is true for those of us who voted for Ms. Clinton. I feel your pain because some of us have also been attacked, labeled, and put down because we voted for her. I have especially as a young, white, female millennial – because apparently all of us millennials did not have proper education of “how the world works,” all of our degrees are useless, and we are just special snowflakes that need a time out (yes, I did hear that from someone a call a good friend just today). I am not any of those. I do hope others can comprehend this as well. Sending you love and peace from the other side.

  25. I don’t usually comment on these, and if you don’t engage I hope you at least read the responses that aren’t spewing hate, which I agree are unproductive and uncalled for. I am an Asian American college educated woman, born and raised in America (which I feel is necessary to mention, though it shouldn’t be), and have never felt more afraid for my own or my family’s lives than these past 2 days. There is an undeniable spike in hate crimes and bullying throughout the country by Trump supporters. I’m not saying you, or even the majority of Trump supporters condone what is happening, but it is a fact that Trump’s election emboldened these Trump supporters to be terrorists within our own borders. Do you believe that’s okay? Do you understand my constant fear? If you don’t agree, what are you doing about it? Complacency with the situation equates your support of these actions. If you want to help unify the country, and make those who don’t agree with your vote for president believe we aren’t about to enter one of the darkest times in our lives, then speak up. Speak out. You’re tired of feeling shamed? We are afraid for our LIVES. If you don’t think it’s your responsibility to do everything you can to alleviate this situation that you helped cause by electing Trump, then shame on you. If you are doing something about it, please let this audience know. Woman to woman, I admire you for your efforts.

  26. Amen sister! I am a proud conservative woman (also Catholic). unfortunately a lot of women seem to think we are being directed by the men in our lives on how to vote. I vote my conscience and my husband knows and respects this. I have raised 4 children, 2 of them girls , who are also proudly conservative. I’ll be damned if i ‘ll willingly .”drink the koolaid” just to elect a woman i do not like or respect just because she is a woman.

  27. As my friend shared with me…. “A vote for Trump was not just a vote for his policies (or lack thereof) but a vote for the emboldenment of the voice that he gave to hatred. We see this only one day after he was elected in the many forms of terror enacted on children and people across this country by those (white folks) who felt empowered by his hateful rhetoric to assert themselves and their perceived regained power over those they believe to be beneath them. The “again” part of “Make America Great Again” is the part where he gave voice to the superiority of the white race in this country.
    Look, I have hope that he is merely a manipulative psychopath that did what he needed to get in power & that he isn’t as radical as he made his supporters think, and I don’t think that Trump supporters are a monolith of people who all say or do hateful things but you simply cannot ignore the way in which his victory has and will continue to embolden racism, sexism, misogyny, Islamaphobia, etc. You do not have to personally be someone who spews hatred out of their mouth to continue to advance the existence of it. Complicity is the cowards excuse to condone that which is unjust. This has real and painful consequences that unfortunately the most vulnerable among us are forced to bear. So please don’t tell people to just “get over it” because the reality is that for many as you can see the consequences and impact extend beyond even his policies or his actions in the white house. Words have power. And when we give hatred a voice and allow it to rear its ugly head we cannot turn a blind eye to its consequences.”

    1. Give me a break. Look at the riots from the Hillary supporters. They are destroying property, hurting innocent people on roads and businesses, etc. sad to say this but the hypocrisy on the left scares me more. There is so much corruption in the government media and DNC. Yet, we are the deplorable a.

  28. There is a lot of us out there! We secretly smile and are looking forward to a better America. I’ve been angry for eight years, so to see whiny protestors makes me laugh. They need to learn how to lose, if they want a chance to win again.

  29. Thank you for articulating what I feel as well. I am trying very hard to be extra kind to all the millions of Americans who cast a different vote. I love my country and my fellow Americans.

  30. I am a Catholic, I am upper middle class, I am college educated, and I have to respectfully disagree with you. You are right in you have the right to speak freely and vote freely; it is out constitutionally guaranteed right. It is also the right of the thousands of Americans who feel their freedoms are at jeopardy to voice their frustrations. The constitution guarantees free speech, but not a shield from criticism or rebuttal. It is that ability to have discourse, contentious may be, with you fellow citizens that makes this country so great. So instead of dismissing the “hashtags” and “tweets” as a waste on thumb strength, I’d listen to what the other side has to say too. You’re right, love and acceptance is a two way street. The other side should listen to what you have to say with all due respect. But dismissing the tweets where people are genuinely afraid they can’t get married in a year, angry their healthcare is at risk of being ripped away, terrified their families are going to be deported…is not going to start that dialogue. It’s no one’s business why you voted the way you did. But now is not the time to kick you feet up and tell people to stop whining. There is a crisis happening right now no matter what side you are on. Being a Catholic is not a passive responsibility. We are taught to spread the word of the Lord, and teach other how to love and accept. You have power to help affect change. To back away from the conversation because it’s a adversarial would be a waste.

    1. It is so interesting to me how Hillary supporters are always saying how we have to “listen to them, too” and “give them an outlet for their fears” , i.e. Allow them to protest, stop traffic, deface property, and insult those who do not agree with them.

      The problem here is that Hillary supporters do want to understand 1. That they lost (yes, losing exists) and 2. You never listened to us and you still are not.

      For eight years you and President Obama had a chance to push forward your agenda. He did it and did not care or listen to our concerns. We were called racists bigots dumb if we didnt agree with you. Then you nominate Hillary Clinton a criminal and liar. That was proven by her history and her emails, her foundation and her epic failures all for money. You accuse Trump of being a racist and xenphobe, but Thats also what I have been accused of for eight years because I disagree with your politics. So guess what? I realized that he was not really a racist, its just what you do to shut out other voices. And its backfired because ordinary Americans see through the tactic. All the protesting of the fair election is just making it clearer that we picked the right President. No one is shutting you down, but you should find a more productive way of expressing your views. I had to accept President Obama for eight years. I did not go out and call anyone names, deface property or disrupt society. You should understand that “feelings” should not always be acted upon. Accept the result. And understand that the reason it happened is because there is a backlash not due to race or gender or any of those triggers. The backlash is to being tired of being accused of being a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, etc. When you do not agree with an agenda. And Trump is probably none of those things either and we give him the benefit of the doubt because we were told we were all of the above but know in our hearts its not true. Until you understand that people who disagree with you are not necessarily racists, bigots, homophobes, etc. You will not be able to have a proper conversation as to why we voted the way we did.

      I pray that God soften your heart and allow you to see this truth.

  31. Thank you! Exactly. As a white Christian Conservative woman of Jewish decent with a love for Israel and a passion for the future of my son adopted from foster care (who happens to be of African descent), I have been shocked by the hatred expressed to me via Facebook and by many here in London where I am visiting. You wrote it beautifully, and I will be memorizing and stealing entire portions of it in response. Bless you.

  32. I am a Catholic, I am upper middle class, I am college educated, and I have to respectfully disagree with you. You are right in you have the right to speak freely and vote freely; it is out constitutionally guaranteed right. It is also the right of the thousands of Americans who feel their freedoms are at jeopardy to voice their frustrations. The constitution guarantees free speech, but not a shield from criticism or rebuttal. It is that ability to have discourse, contentious may be, with you fellow citizens that makes this country so great. It is what our country was founded on. So instead of dismissing the “hashtags” and “tweets” as a waste of thumb strength, I’d listen to what the other side has to say too. You’re right, love and acceptance is a two way street. We should listen to what you have to say with all due respect. But dismissing the tweets where people are genuinely afraid they can’t get married in a year, angry their healthcare is at risk of being ripped away, terrified their families are going to be deported…is not going to start that dialogue. It’s no one’s business why you voted the way you did. But now is not the time to kick you feet up and tell people to stop whining. You can’t deny there is crisis happening right now no matter what side you are on. Being a Catholic is not a passive responsibility. We are taught to spread the word of the Lord, and teach other how to love and accept. You have power to help affect change. To back away from the conversation because it’s a adversarial would be a waste.

  33. Thank you! This piece is pure perfection, and you so aptly pointed out the hypocrisy that abounds. I felt like you were describing my own experience, as I am sure so many others did as well. God bless!

  34. Amen!!! You have just given a truly eloquent version of everything that is in my heart and mind also! You have spoken for so many of us “sellouts of the sisterhood ” !! If only those on the losing side would grow up and wise up
    I remember being called a racist when I didn’t vote for Obama. Race had nothing to do with it. His left-leaning politics had everything to do with it. When he won I was disappointed but I never felt the need to disparage people that I knew who voted for him. It also never occurred to me to take to the streets in protest.

  35. Good luck with the ‘two way street’. I’m beginning to conclude that the perpetually ‘progressive’ left has more in common with Islamists than its congregants realize.

  36. You endorsed hate, whether you want to acknowledge it to yourself or not. That is not a Christian choice, and quite frankly, you deserve any criticism that comes your way. Be humble enough to hear it, and listen to the pain of those whose lives you’ve impacted.

    1. So your criticism and wishing someone deserves to be criticized and attacked is somehow Christian and caring. The narcissism is stunning. But then we can never see our own sickness.

      1. I’m not “wishing” criticism on her–I’m saying the criticism of her actions is warranted. When we make mistakes and hurt other people, we owe it to them to listen to their pain, and to atone for our actions.

  37. Looks like I might be the only male commenting here. Very eloquently stated. There is an Alinsky Rule for Radicals that the left has employed for years. It is accuse your opponent of what you really are and do. So when we conservatives have been called Sexist, Racist, Deplorable, or what ever, I know that I am not nor ever have been any of those, but know that those spewing those words are the real sexists, racists, etc.. I will tell you this I am far from being P.C. and will not sugar coat it.

  38. Shaming you because you voted for Trump is wrong. You voted for what you thought was right. But I want to give you another perspective, because I believe people can come together when we see different perspectives and try to find common ground.

    I don’t like Hilary. Some of the things that she and her husband have done do not sit well with me. But I am a principled person at heart. I believe that we are a nation of inclusivity and diversity. I believe in women’s rights. I believe that people of color are disproportionately affected by the social norms and laws that are supposed to to protect all. I believe that climate change is real and we need to do something about it. I believe in marriage equality, etc . The list goes on and on.

    So when Trump came and said most illegal “Mexican” immigrants are racists, that offended me. When he said a federal judge cannot do his job because of his heritage, that offended me. When he said that climate change is a hoax, even though 97% of the scientific community agrees it’s real, that offended me. When Mike Pence said he doesn’t recognize same sex-marriage and will do everything in his power to repeal it, that offended me. When Trump said he will reenact stop and frisk and bring law and order, thoughts and laws which have historically proven to disproportionately affect people of color, it scared me. I could not in good conscience vote for someone who had those kinds of values.

    When I saw the sea of red that was the electoral college. It affected me at a visceral level. It is something that I am continuing to swallow. When I see all those people who voted for Trump I felt that the people who voted for him know he is a racist, a bigot, islamophobe, etc, and they either agreed with some of the vile things he has said, or were indifferent to it. THAT is what scares me. I think you will find that is what scares a lot of people.

    Thank you for giving me your perspective, and for reading this LONG ass post. It gives me another perspective that I did not think about. I hope that people will seek to find common ground and work together to heal the divide.

  39. I don’t agree. I am repulsed that half the nation finds his behavior acceptable and deserving of the highest office in the nation. I am terrified for anyone of color.

      1. The vast majority of protests have been peaceful gatherings comprised of thousands of people, exercising their right to dissent.

  40. The New York Times should hire you…you would singlehandedly save that disaster of a publication. Sincerely, you have put in *perfect* context the feelings and beliefs of millions of Americans. I have forwarded this to every person I know…twice to my liberal friends.

  41. Great post! Liberals have become very violent, angry, intolerant, and emotionally childish type people. Universities have done a real disservice to our youth. Treated them as 5 year olds instead of challenging them. They have trigger warnings and safe places. Which has made them woefully unprepared for the workforce and real world. They are unhireable

  42. Well thought out. I am a white male, fiscally conservative and socially moderate. I voted Trump. I also voted for the love of my country and the Constitution of he United States of America. I will vote against anyone who threatens that promise that the Founding Fathers created. An open seat on the Supreme Court made that vote all the more precious and meaningful. I appreciate your thoughts.

  43. I’m a social work student for Trump. And a vet who we get 14 years! You talk about being what K. Conway calls an undercover Trump voter! Anyway. . .We did it! Go Trump go!

    1. How exactly do you plan to advocate for your clients when you voted for a man who seeks to target and incite violence against them?

  44. Thank you for your words they are inspiring! I’m a Hispanic women and my voice shouldn’t be shamed either! I voted for Trump!

  45. Great article. I would just like to comment on your ‘love they neighbor’ musings. Now, all can say that Jesus advocated loving your neighbor no matter what, and this is certainly true. However, how that love is applied varies depending on if you take what he said in a fundamental way. – literally – or in a deeper, more profound manner – symbolically.

    Both have great value in many different ways so let’s just say that both sides’ views exist and have validity to a degree.

    The outcome of all parties involved in terms of how a person loves their neighbor is probably the best measurement in terms of whether or not you are applying that golden rule appropriately in a given circumstance. One certainly shouldn’t embark on a suicidal path all in the name of their interpretation of what Jesus said.

    Take, for example, the young child that likes to test it’s borders. You tell that child to not step in the street and they put one foot in the street anyway to test your reaction. Now, your response will be even-handed at first, but when they continue to disobey things eventually progress to the point that that the response by the parent turns quite harsh and possibly extremely harsh. Why? Because the parent does not want the child to be smashed by a truck – because he or she truly does love that person.

    What I am getting at, if you haven’t already realized is that this application of ‘love thy neighbor’ is not always one centered on cuddly hugs and cotton candy treats.

    Many people take advantage of the person that can only apply what Jesus said in a fundamental manner. Being taken advantage of is no sign of being a true Christian. Not one bit.

  46. That was so well stated. I am so proud of President elect Trump and all that he has endured to achieve this moment. People who have such vitreol towards him have failed to watch his rallies or read non-biased news sources. Trying to point out their hypocrisy is futile. Like spoiled brats they scream and cry because they didn’t get their way. The difference is these brats are bringing physical violence and property destruction into the mix. Angry? Go ahead and protest but maybe take a look in the mirror and see who is being hateful now? The media was as much on the ballot as Donald Trump. They promote this behavior. Had there been non biased coverage of the candidates, there would not be such hatred.

  47. God bless you! I was worried that the media, governent, and educational system has dumbed down the electorate enough that the average American that enough voters wouldn’t are through their blantant lies. It’s scary how many Americans are too stupid, though. Mike from Ohio sends his love to Florida.

  48. I agree with you that we need to be kind. I applaud your voting of your values. You yourself may not have voted for Trump because you agreed with his racism and sexism, but if you do not verbalize that, your actions, by default, do. The KKK is throwing a parade to celebrate Trump’s election. It is more important than ever for those who voted for Trump to distinguish what they were voting FOR and what they were NOT voting for. His sexism and racism is a package deal with the rest of what he has promised to do. You do not need to defend a vote for his policies, but you are responsible for ackowledging that he IS sexist and racist, and that behavior you do NOT endorse. Silence is acceptance.

    1. No. You don’t get to back track and say “I am not antisemitic but I voted for Hitler”. Trump is everything you are. Stop acting like you aren’t.

  49. Then as a conservative Christian who is not a racist and believes in kindness, I hope you will stand up and speak out against the violence that is now being perpetrated against our black, Muslim, Jewish, and female American citizens since Donald Trump was elected. Live your Christian values.

  50. THANK YOU for this!! As a woman myself, I couldn’t have said it better. There is a lot of hypocrisy going on out there in Liberal Land. I must admit, I was a hardcore Democrat up until about a year ago. That’s when I stopped listening to the media & my fellow Democrats and started listening to the candidates themselves. It became clear that Trump was my man, because I’m open-minded like that. Now, after seeing the absurd, childish reaction of the liberals (the “cool kids”, as you so perfectly put it) to this election result – I don’t think I’ll ever be going back to that crowd. ADIOS, DEMS! Feels good to be freed of your brainwashing ways.

  51. God Bless you. This is the kind of message that should resonate with the more reasonable of the left. Unfortunately, for so many, they’ve confused their own slogan and live by the words-Hate Trumps Love. But, I will follow you’re advice for your children, and my mothers for myself, to show kindness and try a little harder to be understanding. God Bless America..

  52. I want to say THANK YOU for helping to save this country from that wicked witch. I want to thank everybody in Florida, N Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and every other state that voted to save the nation. Here in Mass my vote didn’t count and I felt we were doomed but y’all stepped up, did the right thing and shocked the world with a big middle finger to the establishment and lapdog media! Super mom is my hero!

  53. As a Dutch white midlleaged man, ex-marine with 2 engineering degrees I can only say I feel and think the same. Thank you for your views and opinions. It is my wish that with upcoming elections in Germany, France and the Netherlands voters over here in Europe will find the courage and wisdom to elect our own Mr.Trump by sharing your story.

    Thank you!

  54. Liberals are now demanding that Trump “reach across the isle” for their agenda

    Right ! Trump will get to that, right after “Black Lives Matter” reaches out to aid the Police in stopping Black crime.

  55. You are brilliant! I am a conservative white male and I have the same feelings! My partner at work is Muslim and I will send this to him. I also am tired of feeling like we should be ashamed for what we think of our country and it’s values and our support for someone with some of those values. I did not support Obama not because he was black, but because of his policies, but I prayed for him and our country. May the left do the same.

  56. This blog post made Breitbart. Get ready for your server to blow up. Recommend suspending all comments…and fast. BTW, AMEN SISTER!!

  57. Thank you for writing the Truth! You have given us white college educated Catholic middle class women a voice that is out loud now. I didn’t vote for Hilary because she is a liar, greedy, cold-hearted, and secretive. Trump doesn’t seem to do things in secret. He works very hard to maintain his business and he enjoys the fruit of his labor. Trump has a heart in spite of some stupid things he has said. I believe he is a patriot and will help us get back to a level of freedom we are guaranteed in the Constitution. That is why I didn’t vote for the candidate who happens to be a white woman!

  58. It was a pleasure to read such a well reasoned and balanced statement about the reaction from the press, pundits and others about Mr. Trumps’s election to be our President.

    It is ironic to hear such hyperbole less than eight years after Barack Obama told us that “elections have consequences” and that we lost and we should “get over it”.

    You said the same thing. However in a much more graceful, kind and charitable way. Thank you.

  59. I certainly respect your right to vote for your candidate of choice. He won and I pray for our country. Now, I hope that as a Christian, you will stand up to the many acts of violence being committed in our colleges, cities and high schools against women, black people, brown people, Muslims and gay people who are citizens of this country. I hope you will stand up against the KKK marches being organized all over this country now. These actions were spurred on by your choice President. I hope you will take your Christianity to heart and love the oppressed and least among us by standing up and speaking out. It’s on you now.

    1. And I hope you will stand up against the left anarchists and radicals attacking everything as well as those threatening to assasinate an elected president.

  60. I ❤️ You and your voice, Suzy. 🙂 thank you for expressing what so many of us are thinking and experiencing. I am not a Catholic, white, female conservative. But I am a half Korean, raised Baptist, practicing presbyterian, Juris Doctor carrying conservative who cast her vote for Trump. So, thank you!

  61. Thank you very much for expressing what so many Americans are probably feeling right now including myself. I too am offended by the media and by the Hollywood crowd who are the name callers and shamers. I am a white male who agrees with you 100%!

  62. I am also a Christian woman who is college educated (I’m a grad school dropout) I’m also hispanic and disabled I also voted for trump. Wanting secure borders doesn’t make one a “racists” believing marriage is between a man and a woman doesn’t make me a homophobe and tog for a man over a woman because that woman is a lying corruptocat doesn’t make me a sexits. v\

  63. From someone who gets your irony and is also stunned by the hypocrisy:
    Well said! I’m a white, middle class Yale graduate, Christian but not utra religious. I do believe that ultimately, good will prevail. And I believe in the power of positive thinking. I am someone who is grateful for the freedoms we have in this country and I have friends of all sizes, shapes, color, religious affiliation and sexual preference. I am a mom. I have been a Democrat my whole life. I have felt plenty of discrimination and hate in my life as a white woman. And I voted for Trump. I am stunned by the shamelessly embarrassing and clueless temper-tantrum throwing of these millennials.The hypocrisy and ignorance of these vote shamers is mind-boggling. Apparently they don’t comprehend that what they are professing and doing is the exact opposite of what they “claim” to stand for….do they stand for anything? The peaceful transition of power—with dignity and respect, is one of the fundamentals of our nation. The Obamas have so far handled it beautifully and honorably. The shouters don’t seem to know what they’re “protesting”? Personally, when a woman does break the glass ceiling, I hope it will be someone who didn’t do so by cheating, lying, stealing, bribing, bullying and being a traitor! And touché, supermom: voting for her because I am a white woman would have been plain racist and sexist! How ironic! What about all those Bernie supporters? Don’t they realize that Hillary ousted their candidate through intimidation and deceit (and cash) and by turning on her own who had supported her loyally—and by making them the fall guys? She, whose adds purport to be “concerned about our children”—personifies the very notion that apparently it’s ok to teach our children that it’s acceptable to achieve fame, money and power in whatever dishonest way possible, even if it means turning on those who loyally stood by you and by selling out? You’re “for women”—yet accept astronomical donations from regimes that repress and disrespect women and treat them reprehensibly? I hope someday we have a woman president who exemplifies the BEST human qualities as opposed to the worst. Wake up, whiners! Apparently and thankfully, enough intelligent, reasonable people recognized the glaring truth and understood how they were being systemativcally undermined by BOTH parties—and voted accordingly. That said, the vote for Trump was achieved not only as one counter-fueled by Hillary hate. It was a passionate response of the true American tradition: a revolt against the corrupt, oppressive, non-functional self-interested and INTOLERANT, BULLYING ESTABLISHMENT! Does this remind anyone of anything? 1776 for example? The courageous spirit of our freedom fighters? The moment when the Republican establishment refused to back Trump was the final and blatant wake-up call that maybe THEY TOO had much to hide and were protecting their dishonesty and self interest! And that perhaps what he was saying was true: that the system is corrupt and broken and has been cheating and duping the people! Thank God we have such a person, who recognized the blinding truth and who stepped up to the plate to protect ALL Americans—Democrat, Republican and inbetween! BTW, Mr. Trump once personally helped my daughter get up when, as a child, she had fallen on the ice at his skating rink in Central Park and asked her if she was ok. A genuine gesture of kindness I won’t forget. Do I agree with every single statement he’s made? No. Has he made mistakes? Certainly. Let’s keep things in perspective! And I also recognize how so many of his words were twisted, redefined and taken out of context, used as sound-bytes etc. by the corrupt and bought media. Trump is a 70-year old successful businessman. Do he really need this aggravation? Does he want to move his family to D.C? He did this because he realized somebody had to stand up for freedom and justice and take charge of the out-of-control chaos happening on every level in our great country. All these whiners and blamers should stop to think for a moment about what exactly they are “protesting”. Apparently they misguidedly think they are some kind of hippies (because they like the look?). F.Y.I. the hippies went against the establishment, folks. Hippies preached love —not hate and intolerance and bullying! A former friend and mom recently posted how proud she was that her daughter was “peacefully protesting” in the street: since when is burning an effigy of someone a peaceful protest? Hello? Is anyone out there in equal disbelief? These poor haters are so lost—they are the very ones who are LUCKY to have a brilliant strategist in the White House: one who will protect their very rights to whine and cry and carry on like fools—along with all other western freedoms we share and hold dear! If Trump could overthrow a powerful, rich, corrupt and contolling establishment, imagine what else he might accomplish! And BTW his campaign manager was a woman, Kellyanne Conway—brilliant! It seems a few people need to get their facts straight. And do they truly think that all these people who voted are really racists, bigots and misogynists? Please! And FYI neither is Trump: he is a New Yorker who surely doesn’t care who’s gay or straight, but he does care who is a terrorist or a drug lord. Hello? The IRONY of the slogan “Love Trumps Hate” is the cherry on the icing of the cake of their ignorance and misguidedness. Maybe I’m not the only one who has received offensive and presumtuous (yes!) emails from (now former) friends and colleagues who claim to hate bullying—yet who are bullyers! It’s no wonder so many Trump voters kept quiet—who wants thei car keyed? But they did come out of the woodwork when it counted—in droves. I actually had Hillary’s “minions” at my door—making sure I’d voted—how THEY wanted!
    It’s sad, but somehow typical, that those who understand and appreciate it least are those who need protection the most. Thankfully, they’ve now got someone to do the job.

  64. Hear, hear. My spouse and I are Orthodox Jewish and our marriage is interracial. My spouse is a naturalized citizen who immigrated legally. We are on the Trump train. Don’t let anyone give you this garbage. All the left does is project their own evil onto conservatives. The left owns these riots. We didn’t riot 4 and 8 years ago.

  65. I live in Europe and cannot say a word that I vote Trump. I would be ostracized from every group I belong to. Yet, as we all know, the hypocritical and hostile double standard, is free to vent their hatred and we must remain silent. I am a white, Christian, stay at home mother of four children. People of certain groups look at me and assume the worst of me. I have friends of every skin color, race and religion and they are loved. I pray for our great nation to rise above the division and hatred and come together and build a great and strong nation. As my husband and I say to our kids “love covers a multidue of sins”. Let us pray for healing!

  66. How do the people posting here talking about the hatred that Trump has invited not see their own hate groups coming out in force protesting and rioting? How do they not see their own racism in their statements that assume the racism of whites simply based on their skin color? How do they not see their fear mongering by stating that people who vote for Trump are assumed to be all the terrible things they label them (mostly out of their own anger and hatred) is the fear they accuse those of us who voted for Trump as creating? I will no longer listen to a side of the argument that will not acknowledge their own shortcomings BEFORE pointing the finger at someone else. My mother used to say “Watch who you point a finger at because for every one you point at someone three will point back at you.”

  67. I am an Asian woman, college educated, a Christian, and grew up for the most part of my live, abroad.

    I fully agree how you feel. I blame the shameless lying mainstream medias and the DNC machinery for successfully painted Trump as a hate-filled monster. Of course, he had himself too blame for his sometimes “un-PC vulgar verbal diarrhea. If he has been more refined , he might have won the popular vote with higher margin.

    But more 1/2 of the country do NOT believe the lies/bias propagated by the MSMs and decided to do Their own Research. I find Trump’s agendas/issues more solid and address the problems ailing the US than Hillary’s. And he does seem to love the US. I would have voted for Trump if I am a citizen (just a green card holder).

  68. So, you’re a white upper-middle class heterosexual woman who’s just not concerned with Trump’s possible racism against hispanics and blacks, his bigotry over muslims, or his collusion with homophobes. His support for torture and the war crime of attacking terrorists’ families (regardless of guilt or innocence) similarly does not bother you.

    I guess you’re not worried about being sucked into a fraudulent university either, or working at a day rate and then simply not getting paid.

    But nice words are important, I suppose. You know, the kind of inclusive dialogue the president-elect has been known for… ummm, never.

    I guess I’ll go look for your similar posts rebuking the right wing rhetoric against Obama for the past eight years.

  69. Thank you! As a fellow white Catholic lady who closet-voted for Trump, thank you. And the hatred being spewed against anyone who voted for him is the reason I did not tell everyone on FB who my vote was going to. It bothers me that people don’t understand that you can like the ideas a candidate has, but not condone everything they say.

  70. I agree with so much of what u said. However, I would add that the false narrative that is being used to deride u is also being used a million times over on Trump himself. U & so many others suggest that u don’t think like him but no one really knows what he thinks. We just know the narrative that has been pushed about him and a few select comments out of context and the actions & words of a few people who support him or were paid to pretend they support him. The father of the Orlando nightclub killer was seated behind H on teleoduring a rally. Does that mean H thinks it’s compassionate to kill gay people like he does ?

    We now know from Podesta’s emails that they had a huge list of friendly media in every major news organization including conservative media personalities that will push their narratives for them. We also have undercover video from project Veritas proving they were paying fake supporters as plants at Trump rallies to start fights, make racist comments and give the impression that he was causing division. Hillary planned and paid for the riot at his rally in Chicago and then gave a speech criticizing the division he was causing that very night.

    It wasn’t why I voted but having a sitting president suggest I was a KKK supporter sure made it easy to stand in line for 2 hours to vote. It made me angry that Clinton & Obama would say such horrible things about good hard working Americans but it made me just as angry that they would push the false narrative about Trump himself and I never really cared for the guy. Even worse, when proof was available that the Dems were staging these events no one in the traditional media would show it. I guarantee most of those complaining now still don’t know about these facts. Unfortunately, If u tried 2 show them the videos I guarantee they’d refuse to watch them preferring not to corrupt their narrative with reality.

    To me the most damning Wikileak from Podesta was the email where they openly discussed their success in creating a “non-aware and compliant” citizenry. The people that shame you or attack Trump and ignore anything that doesn’t fit their script are the proof that their efforts have been wildly successful.

  71. I am a devout Catholic conservative woman with 3 advanced degrees. I happily voted for Donald Trump and am even more thrilled that he was victorious. His victory is also the USA ‘s. My son and grandsons have a chance for a future.
    It was fun watching my colleague educators very quiet and sad. The leftists have taken our voices away for too long—- we screamed on Tuesday. My mom and grandmother came here LEGALLY. It was very difficult for them but we are about law and order and working. MAGA Trump!!!!

  72. Thank you for your voice/our voice! I’m like you, and tired of being shamed by the media for my beliefs. I am proud to want immigration policies enforced. All my ancestors were immigrants and all followed our laws to become U.S. citizens. I am white, college educated (2 degrees), and I work with immigrants teaching English, and they are like family to me. I love when they join us and get naturalized legally! Thanks for your post.

  73. I wish this were printed in the New York Times. I am you. I read an opinion piece by Garrison Keillor where he called us uneducated bullies. I was shocked that he was so self righteous, and yes I was offended. But, you know what? All I have to do is to stop supporting and listening to him. No name calling necessary. We are labeled with derogatory names so people stop listening. By labeling us it gives them a reason to shut down all conversation and debate. Wanting our borders secure is not racist. I could go on and on. Thank you for writing this.

  74. I almost felt as though I was writing right along with you. It is hard to make returns to Target, it is hard to see my friends on FB hating on anyone that voted for Donald Trump, it’s hard to watch the drama mamas scaring their kids, this has been difficult in so many ways.
    But just as before the election God is still the same, everyday, always the same. I am grateful for the election outcome and pray that Americans continue to pray for their leaders and that they give President Elect Trump a chance to be successful.
    Thank you for being brave. Confrontation is hard!

  75. I too I am a White educated Christian woman who voted unashamedly for Donald Trump. I did all the homework described and I have the same feelings as this Trump voter. Her post says it all and says it well. America spoke and our President Elect will make our America great again. God is with us.

  76. I read your article and I agree, Trump supporters are not all racist homophobes. You did your research and supported the candidate that best aligns with your stance on the issues. I voted against Trump, and here’s why. It wasn’t because of his stance on trade agreements or the tax rate, I feel like as a white 30ish middle class woman who owns a small business I will be fine under a trump presidency.. But there is fear in my heart for those I love, fear that their rights will be taken away, that they are being ‘othered’ and in a dangerous way. Fear that my daughter will grow up in a country where we turn immigrants who are fleeing trauma and war away out of fear rather than doing the hard work of vetting them and then welcoming them. The hard part for me is that it seems those who chose to back Trump are coming from a place of privilege like me, in that they don’t have to worry about these things for their own families. The system has been broken for a long time, it’s just unfortunate that our options were to support an insider or vote for someone that for many hardworking American citizens poses a real risk to their freedoms. (I also hate returning things to stores;)

  77. Since you are a good catholic girl, and I too try to be a good Christian neighbor and gently rebuke your rationale for not just your vote, but in writing this piece trying to persuade other Christians that what you did was a good thing. I start with suggesting you might go back to reread the bible with your humble heart and ask yourself, WWJD?

    Proverbs 29:23
    A man’s pride will bring him low, But a humble spirit will obtain honor.

    Proverbs 13:20
    He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm.

    Proverbs 14:7
    Leave the presence of a fool, Or you will not discern words of knowledge.

    Psalm 1:1-4
    How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, Nor stand in the path of sinners, Nor sit in the seat of scoffers! But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And in His law he meditates day and night. He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season And its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers.

    Proverbs 22:24-25
    Do not associate with a man given to anger; Or go with a hot-tempered man, Or you will learn his ways And find a snare for yourself.

    Christians reading this, please remember how he made and lost his fortune. He invested heavily in casino gambling. He gave his name to a sham university that defrauded students. His mortgage company failed, but he denied responsibility, saying that he only let the company use his name. Multiple people have been hurt by his business dealings…instead of paying suppliers what he promises, he renigs –even his own lawyers–and says, “So sue me!” while he continues to live like a king. His business dealings do not suggest a willingness to place the fortunes of others ahead of his own, nor the integrity to accept responsibility.

    If you are still honestly proud of your vote and do not take responsibility for what you have personally contributed to, just like the people who are now praising your “kindheartnesses” then I weep for you. I don’t presume to speak for Jesus, but I imagine He is weeping too.

    And that is without even mentioning his attitude toward women, his three marriages, his vulgar talk both public and private… which is horrific, pathetic, and …. pitiful. He is indeed a very small man.

    And of course there is this as he seems to have tricked you into thinking he was the better choice:

    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves (Matthew 7:15).

    If you really want to do some good in your limited time here on earth, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

    Just make sure you ARE spreading the true gospel and not false teachings.

  78. Would you please explain the “fundamental differences in values” you have with Hillary Clinton? And what values that Donald Trump has espoused do you align with? This would be most helpful. Thank you!

  79. THANK YOU!!!!!! I am one of those people who feel everything, everything. the Hatred that has been pouring out of people is breaking my heart. Thank you for writing this, Thank you for being brave, you made me feel a little less alone as a white, Catholic, middle class woman. Thank you.

  80. I am on the opposite side politically, but I appreciate the humanity in your comments. I do think many HRC supporters have gone out of line–villainizing voters doesn’t help. Perhaps from that same human place, you can understand that people are terribly scared (unlike any other election outcome in my lifetime) because Trump/Pence expressly threatens them–with deportation, with tearing apart their families, with “therapy” for gays and lesbians that they don’t want, with surveilling their families and communities. Conservative a liberal policies come and go, but directly threatening people’s families brings out a very different reaction. On this side too, there are a few bad actors. Don’t lump us all together either. The primary reaction was not grief over Hillary, it was terrible fear for our own being, our freedom, and our families. That has been the source of the tears.

  81. This. THIS!! Is everything to me! I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for giving us upper middle class white chicks a voice. I will NOT be shamed for my choice. I appreciate your courage to write this as it has given me the courage to stand up for what I believe in. I will not stand down any longer to someone who shames me simply because I am a Republican woman.

  82. Oh, totally agree. Also, those who voted for George Wallace weren’t racist. And we all know all Nazi supporters were not Anti-Semetic. Oh wait…yeah no. Claim what you want, but you are what you support.

  83. Any chance you could write about President Elect Trump doing a news conference or at least tweeting to try to stop the racial violence being perpetuated in his name. Mostly to children. I am sure neither you nor Mr Trump approve of what’s happening. I am just a white Christian concerned Grandmother with brown grand children who are at risk.

  84. Education: Masters
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Female
    Religion: Christian- very Conservative
    I too voted for Trump and couldn’t agree more with the insulting remarks toward the people that voted for him. It may be surprising, but I have gay friends too. They are actually very nice people and I am not afraid of them, lol. I wish people would stop placing people in a nice little box they can categorize.

  85. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I feel this so freaking hard. Except for my mistake the last couple of weeks of the season entering the fray (like a moron), your thoughts echo my own. You have given voice to my private heartache, and I am grateful.

  86. Fear, fear, fear…that is what I feel and I’m white, college educated!
    I worry what just his candidacy has done to the country let alone his presidency.

    Trump ran as a bad faith candidate endorsing the negative.
    That will come home to roost.

    Of course, you are free to vote as you choose but everyone in the car that said turn right at this crucial intersection should feel the responsibility of that call.

    I think Trump will do things, say things that we would never have considered before…that’s part of his genius.
    However, don’t assume Trump supporters that you’ll like what he says/ does OR the results.

    Americans don’t have experience with this type of leader.
    Fasten your seat belts…


  87. No one says you voting for Trump makes you a fascist or homophobe but even your passionate (and quite defensive) essay can’t convince anyone that voting for Trump doesn’t enable and empower the people that ARE fascist, sexist and homophobic, so by extension, YOU enabled that behavior and definitely are responsible for that choice you made. Yes you have every right to make a choice but do not deny the very real consequences of your choice. It WILL affect many people.

  88. I could not bring myself to vote for Trump, but I respect those who thought he was the better of the two terrible choices we had. I could also never vote for Hillary. So I had to write in a candidate, for the first time in my life. But I can respect people who made other choices, because this was really difficult. There were no good choices. Others in my family voted for Trump, and they are not racist, sexist, or any of those things people keep saying. They simply thought Hillary would be worse for the country.

  89. Why are Clinton supporters burning our cities and asking for someone to shoot Trump? ‘Because love trumps hate? Why did Hillary protect her husband, the rapist? Why is the Clinton Foundation giving only 5.7% of its billions to charity? Why did Hillary successfully defend in a court of law a man who raped a 12 year old girl and laugh about knowing that he was guilty? Why did she support the famous rapper whose songs all applaud rape? Why did she leave Chris Smith and 3 others to die in Benghazi when they begged for security help? There are videos of her saying worst things than Trump said, but I won’t repeat that, although I’ve sent the videos to others.
    Clinton’s supporters felt that the most important point was to have the first woman president. That isn’t a good enough reason to vote for her.

  90. There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding about about what a democracy is in this country. And, i feel that ignorance is being capitalized upon by those in power. I have more concern now for how our nation will treat the poor, vulnerable, and disenfranchised. As a Catholic woman I look forward to the day when abortion rights are not an element of our political discourse. No one is really saying it here but, i think that’s the block or at least one of them. I respect people’s individual rights to choose as it applies to everthing. We Catholics also believe in free-will. And we understand that God does not force. You can’t say you love and accept people’s differences and then say people don’t have the right to choose. That’s not Christian. It is not a Democracy either. It is a Theocracy (like Saudi Arabia or Iran.) Is that what you want? I don’t understand. I just really don’t understand. When I vote I am thinking about my civic duty as an American citizen to uphold the Constitution not the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The later I save for my personal relationship with God.

    1. Good point. “Do not worship false idols,” we were taught. We were also taught MONEY –and the love of it in particular — is a false idol and the root of all evil.

  91. Suzy, I am so glad that you are sharing, because it is genuinely hard for me to understand what’s on the mind of a compassionate, Christian Trump voter. That said, I wonder if you are equating being challenged about your voting/anger directed your way as equivalent with the things that people on the other side have/will experience. Using phrases like “acceptance and love are a two way street” creates a false equivalence. People who are questioning or even angry about your vote aren’t trying to take away your marriage, they haven’t threatened to place you in a database due to your religious identification, they haven’t promised to target your religious group, they aren’t kicking you out of bathrooms, they aren’t targeting your skin-color or your disability, and they aren’t trying to deprive you of life-saving healthcare. Those actions and threats don’t communicate love no matter how much kindness or love you personally felt while casting your vote. Your vote upheld those ideas. I see racism as a structural system rather than a personal feeling. It is possible to act with love in your heart while still perpetuating horrific injustice. I hope you will get to know some of us who will be the targets of Trump’s claims because it might help you understand what is so frightening about his candidacy for so many.

    1. I really hope Suzy read your comment and takes it to heart. She started this idea that she represents Christian values with her vote for Trump. She can stop it.

  92. Completely fine to agree to disagree and I can easily respect your choice without animosity – but at same time you have to respect my right to reject the election of a man that has verbally stated assaulting women is perfectly fine and it is fine to mock people with disabilities, not to mention since he was elected he has yet to clean up the mess he made while running. Please respect my right to stand up for what I know in my heart is right.

    1. I can respect her right to her opinion too if she would leave Christ out of her decision to vote for Trump for monetary reasons…because clearly, thanks to the things you point out, Christ is definitely NOT ok with Trumps many deeds and words and mistakes that he doesn’t ever admit were even mistakes. His is a long list. Hillary had a list of sins too, but so much shorter, even with the terrible invasion of her privacy due to her (bad) decision to use a private email server in trying to maintain a level of privacy (NOT to commit treason as her enemies ridicuoulsy proclaim). I know in my heart what is right too… if Hillary made half the statements Trump has made, failed to prepare for the debates, insulted anyone who disagrees with her, we can only imagine how much she would have lost by.

      But she actually won more votes than Trump. Which gives me great comfort that at least Suzy and people who make excuses for Trump ARE in the minority.

  93. From one non confrontational person to another thank you! Thank you for voicing what has been weighing so heavily on my heart and mind the last few days! We can only hope and pray that others will soon accept our new president and as a nation we can make America the country that we have all been proud and privileged to be a part of!

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