We Can’t Stop

Why, oh, why, for the love of all that is holy can’t we stop letting people like Miley Cyrus get famous??

Miley Cyrus, I am terrified of you. And I’m also ashamed of you. I’m ashamed you are a woman, I’m ashamed you are a celebrity, I am ashamed you are American. And I’m also disgusted. In the most literal sense of the word, you are DISGUSTING.

As the mother of young girls whom I am trying my damnedest to make into smart ladies with self respect, I am offended by all of your nasty. But seeing as how Miley doesn’t read my blog (can she even read, really?) then I will only further address the 16 people who will read this today.

You guys probably get kind of sick of my prudish posts about the state of our nation but Miley Cyrus takes the cake. In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit to finding her ridiculous song kind of catchy. I’m not ashamed to admit that (actually, yes I am).

But that “performance” she put on last night was frightening.

What is happening?!??

Somehow she managed to make teddy bears creepy sexual zombies and a foam finger, well, I don’t even know what to say about that foam finger action. And the whole thing was completely devoid of any talent.

This whole scenario bothers me on many levels. The first of which being the fact that she is on display for our children. Do I let my kids watch the VMA’s? HELL no. (And I have to say, I think I’ve been aged out on the VMA’s so I had to catch the “performance” this morning).

Even so, it is so devastating to me that she is what girls are watching. I hate to always play that when-I-was-a-kid-fiddle, but seriously, as for teeny bop stars I much prefer the Debbie Gibson and Tiffany variety. At the very least, they kept their clothes on. They also didn’t wiggle their private parts on other people’s private parts in public. And they didn’t sing about illicit drugs. They weren’t VILE. Where did the train go off the tracks here?? How is this acceptable to anyone in their right mind? How is it acceptable to her parents?!? Which brings me to the next level….

Billy Ray and Tish, get your freaking heads out of your asses. Your daughter is off the rails. To quote Billy Ray himself, I just don’t think he understands. Something is blinding him. I don’t know if it’s the dollar bills or his frosted tips, but it’s something.

I realize that I know nothing about show business and becoming a star and all that jazz. But come on, act or no act, this display was hideous. I imagine that little Miss Miley got paid a pretty penny for that debacle. Clearly, her dignity had a price. My husband always gets fake angry at me because about 5 years ago I told him I wouldn’t eat a bowl of crickets for $25,000 (would YOU?), so lets just say that there isn’t any amount of money in the world to make me strut around a stage in my underooz. And Lord KNOWS, there isn’t a price for watching my own flesh and blood disrespect themselves that way. Just the thought of that gives me an achy breaky heart.

Forget the advisors and managers who get paid to get her paid, but her parents?!? Why would they allow her to degrade herself like that? I can say with 100% certainty that if one of our girls tried that shizz, my husband would use all of his offensive line skills and every ounce of his 300 plus pound body to wrestle that kid to the ground.

I’m no parenting expert, but somewhere something went wrong there. Because quite obviously, modesty, chastity and manners weren’t an integral part of her upbringing. That much is painfully clear. Sad…so sad.

Also, I’m still flabbergasted at what was supposed to be hot about those shenanigans. It was ugly. UGLY. I’m not talking about her looks. But the facial expressions. The gestures. The tongue. The “dancing”. The outfit. It was just downright ugly. I hope that there aren’t teenaged girls somewhere thinking that’s what they want to look like. News flash girls: it was butt ugly. My eyes are actually still burning.

So to Miley, I would beg that she stuff her flabby little girl booty cheeks back in her drawers, put on a blouse and a pair of pants, read a book, visit a church and apologize to Robin Thicke’s wife. That’s a good place to start.

To the rest of America, stop letting her be famous. Stop letting her be the image that gets burned into our girls’ eyes. I don’t want to appear to be a total hypocrite. It’s not like I’m over here in my ankle length field skirt and bonnet reading the Bible all day. I probably wear my shorts a little too short sometimes, and even though my mother says I’m too old, I still sport a bikini every now and again, and I have been known to swear like a sailor (but NEVER in the presence of my children) but if I teach my girls nothing else in life, I want them to value and respect themselves and others. So that’s what I try to do.

So in conclusion, make it stop Miley. However you need to. ‘Cause one of these days, you’re probably going to be really ashamed of yourself. And another thing, you won’t be skinny like that forever. Just so you know.